Current Members


Kirk Tatnall (lead vocals)

 Eric Gonchar (guitar and vox)

Kevin Pfeiffer (bass & vox)

 Todd Davis (drums)

Rob Cohn (guitar)

Elise Cohn (vox and flute)


Mayday! Alumni

Jeremy Cohen (drums)

Glenn Fleischmann (guitar)

Matthew Moore (lead vocals)

Pablo Rieppi (drums)

Damon Risucci (lead vocals)

Marc Steve (drums)

Jennifer Vaughan (vocals)

Mayday! Bios


Kirk Tatnall (Lead Vocals)

Kirk sings whenever he can, often in places where it is socially unacceptable.  His first real project was formed at the University of Delaware as lead singer of the acoustic duo (later an electric trio) "The Sore Losers," eventually playing bars and clubs throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since moving to New York he has fronted bands dedicated to obscure cover songs and the music of The Who.  He has been a member of Mayday! since 2014. Kirk has a wide-ranging musical palette and has sung for weddings, funerals, community theater and written and recorded a commercial radio jingle. This is the first time Kirk has composed original lyrics and melodies for a band and was recently heard saying that he has never been happier than he is right now in Mayday!



Kevin Pfeiffer (Bass Guitar, Vocals and Founding Member)

One heavily air-conditioned suburban Maryland summer night back in 1984, Kevin was struck by the idea that he ought to help make the world a better place by learning to play the bass guitar, because he was finding that the world felt like a better place when he listened to records with great bass lines. When Kevin came to and bandaged the impact wound, he found himself the cool kid on the block for about a year as he was not only in possession of the only 5-string bass guitar in Harford County -- a pearly-white Ibanez -- but could actually play it pretty good, having consulted the firm of Squire, Entwistle, Bruce and Lee LLP (Loud Low-frequency Players). Flash forward about three decades and scores of thousands of miles of worn-out strings, magnetic tape, and asphalt later, with stops along the way in academic jazz and classical studies, Lollapalooza-era cover-bandom, original-singer-songwriterdom, 4-strings, 6-strings, 8-strings, the other-end-of-the-spectrum-strings of guitar and mandola, Guitar Craft courses and Jammy Awards, and you'll find on perhaps a heavily air-conditioned urban New York City summer night, Kevin Pfeiffer still getting to feel once again like that cool kid with the 5-string bass -- albeit now a jet-black Rickenbacker -- with Mayday!


Eric Gonchar (Guitar, Vocals and Founding Member)

Eric’s musical studies started at a time when America was involved in the Vietnam War, Woodstock and some of the best classic rock was being produced by the likes of Cream, the Who, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. However, his parents had a different vision, so they enrolled Eric and his brother in classical and Flamenco guitar lessons. At 13, Eric discovered the Beatles and The Rolling Stones and never looked back. Eric and his brother played in bands throughout high school and in college. While in college, Eric help form Streetwise which played at campuses all over New York and even opened for national acts. For years thereafter, Eric continued to play in cover bands until one day he decided he wanted a more creative outlet. In 2008, Eric started Mayday! when he got fed up playing covers and was introduced to Glenn Fleischman who felt the same. Kevin joined shortly thereafter and Mayday! was formed. The rest they say is history. Mayday! has performed at a dozen or so venues in NYC and has released three studio recordings. Ten years later, Mayday! still continues to evolve and new music is continuously introduced.

Todd Davis (Drums and Percussion)

Todd first picked up drumsticks in the 4th grade and didn’t put them down until college. After a brief stint at the Berklee College of Music, he decided to pursue a career in business and law. He put his sticks in the closet until several years ago. Since resuming drumming as a much-loved hobby, Todd has played in numerous cover bands until he received “the call” from Mayday! Todd thought Mayday! would be the the perfect combination of great bandmates, great musicians, and his first opportunity to create original drum parts for original music, a real creative challenge.


Rob Cohn (Guitar)

Back in the sleepy NJ suburbs of the early 70s, Rob’s musical (and other) awakenings drew him to the guitar at the awkward age of 14, and it became an instant companion that led to playing in various bands throughout his teenage years, into college and throughout much of his semi-adult life. That’s the short story (and a long sentence).  Syracuse University was where Rob first befriended and played with Eric, who was to become a Founding Father of Mayday! many years later. Playing original music has always occupied a large role in Rob’s musical experience.  One of the highlights was playing and recording with singer-songwriter Richard Julian’s band in the early 90s. Richard’s career took off shortly thereafter, while for Rob, guitar playing faded into the background for nearly two decades while he focused on building his career, a company and raising two kids. Over the years, Rob has always savored the ‘art of the jam,’ which eventually included playing with Eric and members of Mayday! - ultimately leading to the golden opportunity of joining the band in 2018, learning much of its substantial catalogue, and contributing to new musical creations.  

Elise Cohn (Special Guest - Vocals and Flute)

It all began in the hallowed and sallowed halls of Burns Avenue School in the 1970s, when Elise and her fellow third graders were handed putty-colored plastic recorders and instructed to blow some air into them, move their fingers, and make what was loosely referred to as "music." Fueled by her youthful naiveté and her sister's enviable record collection, Elise picked up the guitar and flute and began her lifelong musical journey - listening to classical, rock, and jazz records in her local library (remember libraries?), taking classical flute lessons, trying her hand at some Jethro Tull, and composing and performing songs with her friends at every opportunity. Elise went on to play the flute and sing with several bands throughout her college years and for a short time thereafter. Life took her many places, but she never lost her passion for playing and creating music. And then came that joyous day in 2018 when Mayday! asked her if she would bring her flute and voice to the rehearsal studio and relive a piece of her youth. How could she refuse? And there you have it: from plastic recorder to original-song-recorder. Ain't life grand?!