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M A Y D A Y !

21st Century Rock, 20th Century Roots

Mayday B&W.jpeg



Mayday! formed several stories above the bustling streets of circa-2008 Manhattan when two electric guitars, a bass guitar, a drumkit, and a handful of microphones were in need of musicians to let a mounting wave of original songs come through them.


Yes; after all gold rushes, after video killed radio stars and MTV was no longer wanted, after the smell of teen spirit long since dissipated and the 21st century was well underway, it was found that there was still a place for chords-and-melody-crowned, bass-and-drums-throned rock music in the world.


And where killer guitar solos still rule!


After a scuttled attempt to debut live on May 1st of that fateful year -- that's how this band of instruments and their handlers named itself -- Mayday! went on to be awarded Best Original Band of the JamNYC's 2009 "Jammy Awards", an honorific bestowed upon them again in 2012 and 2013.


But the songs, wanting something more immortal, guided the band to the studio and manifested themselves as the EP's "Five Characters In Search Of An Exit" (2009); "Another Day" (2011); "First Mix's a Charm" (2013) and their latest, "Impulses" (2018). Mayday! played and continues to play their 100% organic, energetic, human-powered live sets around Manhattan, at such lively lairs of music as The Cutting Room, the Red Lion, The Bitter End, Ace of Clubs, DROM, Arlene's Grocery, The Knitting Factory, The West End, Silvana, Pianos, and Connolly's Klub 45.


Where there are still strings to be strung, singings to be sung, skins to be pounded and subwoofers to be sounded, there Mayday! is found. Lend your ears to the sound.

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